Performing Arts

Celebrate Arts! Afternoon of Student Choreography is Sunday, January 21, 2024

Upper School Musical Spelling Bee

Creativity Flourishes

Exhilarating. Empowering. Exciting. Students of every age enjoy a wide range of performing arts options that reach beyond the stage and permeate daily life at Poly.

Our talented faculty nurture and inspire as students cultivate movement skills, become formidable public speakers, energized actors, develop an ear for music, explore dramatic writing, and get behind the scenes at stagecraft.

Through our Arts Partnerships, our students meet inspiring professional artists, from whom they tap invaluable creative energy to explore and hone their own crafts.

Upper School Music Violinist

Music Immersion

The wonder of music is an integral part of our diverse human experience. Young musicians in Lower School explore posture, rhythm, and sounds in joyful studios. In Middle School, students showcase their growing musical moxie at our seasonal concerts. Our Upper School students hone their skills and have the opportunity to discover a wide variety of instrumental music and vocal genres, as well as electives such as Music Production, Music Theory, and composition courses.

Upper School Dance

Self-Expression and Dance

Diversity of genres and self-expression are core to our dance program and are celebrated by our talented faculty. All dancers from our youngest to our more seasoned performers gain an understanding of the athleticism, fluidity, and grace of the form.

In Upper School, dancers may choose an Arts Pathway that focuses on development of dance techniques. They build strength and skills as they explore different styles such as ballet, hip-hop, step, jazz, musical theater, modern, and world dance.

Upper School Vocals

Celebrating Performing Arts

Families gather to celebrate Poly’s instrumental and vocal music students at seasonal concerts on our Dyker Heights campus. At Lower School, children warm hearts and delight audiences with joyful performances.

Middle and Upper School students take to the stage with uplifting musical and dramatic performances in our theater.

Families immerse themselves in dance performances that showcase not only students’ artistic growth through movement, but also the beautiful expression of culture, identity, and poise.

Upper School Speech & Debate

Confidence and Leadership Skills

Poly’s champion Speech and Debate team is something to behold. In this program, students build skills that they will employ during their time at Poly, in college, and later in their professional lives.

Upper School Speech and Debate classes fulfill the arts and public speaking graduation requirement.

Performing Arts sax players

Arts Pathways

Choosing an artistic pathway that is suited to the individual student creates a custom arts experience. Find out more about our Upper School Arts Pathways and the Excellence in the Arts Certificate Program.

Arts Pathways
“Navigating the themes of life as they arise through our arts opportunities allows our students the time and space to process, while encouraging awareness and individuality to emerge.”- Ashley Hacker
Performing Arts Department Chair